Sajie Jay of Sajie Jay Fitness

Hi! It's Sajie and I am a personal trainer at Xtreme Fitness located in Miami, FL. I currently specialize in small group, one on one, online coaching and live virtual training. I have been on my own personal fitness journey for 7 years now after struggling with severe depression back in 2017 and through fitness I have been able to drastically enhance my quality of life and I want you to know that it can help change yours too! 

Sajie Jay Fitness is a brand that was created with you in mind. I realized quickly after I began accepting clients that I was not alone in this struggle and my goal since then has been to foster a community of individuals who not only want to get back in great physical shape but are looking for a coach who cares about a total body transformation by challenging you mentally, physically and emotionally. 

After working with me, my clients have been able to achieve long lasting and life changing results due to intense and effective training while building their confidence and positively impacting their mental, emotional and physical wellness. 

I look forward to working with you in achieving your fitness goals!


After negative experiences, I was skeptical of hiring another personal trainer. Sajie is a true breathe of fresh air to a beginner, like me.She tailors all workouts to your goals AND abilities. Because of her commitment and knowledge, I'm the most motivated I've ever been to get into shape for myself. She pushes you gently with constant encouragement and the importances of completion, which is more of a life lesson than just training. She is the true definition of a trainer that cares about you as a whole. A true gem.


When I considered starting my fitness journey, I was looking into several local personal trainers. I continued to get recommendations, but never made a commitment. I didn't know Sajie was who I needed until I saw another one of her clients raving about her on Instagram. I signed up for virtual training the same day - without hesitation. AND I'M GLAD I DID! She is a body bully and BOOTY SCULPTOR. I've lost six pounds in three weeks . My stomach is flatter, my legs are more toned, and my arms are stronger. Even more important than me double taking at every mirror, my depression and anxiety are effectively managed. So like, this process is changing my life one day at a time.

In my opinion, Sajie's motto needs to be "My clients will not be humble during the sculpting of their bodies" because baby WE WILL NOT!


First I want to thank you! Thank you for pushing and motivating me prior to me even paying for your services as a trainer. I've always been dedicated to this journey and was able to drop roughly 32 pounds prior. For months, my weight plateaued, which was the most frustrating thing ever. So I decided to switch it up and hire you. Since then, I've lost an additional 14 pounds. As I lost weight I gained confidence, strength, and found therapy in each session. Everyday is a struggle to continue and your tenacious attitude as a trainer has been detrimental to my journey. I truly believe this was always in you and it shows in your passion for others.